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The Settings | Connect page manages Single Sign-on (SSO) and roster data connection parameters between the One95 platform and the school district's student information system.   These parameters are established at the time of initial configuration for the platform and can be managed by users with role permissions to access the Settings pages. 

Settings page sub-navigation menu bar offers access to the Environment, Connect, Roles, Licenses and Activity functions. Click on the sub-navigation text word to go to each specific settings page. 

ClassLink Connections

2. ClassLink connection parameters may be set by clicking on the ClassLink panel button for districts that use ClassLink SSO and rostering services.  

3. Enter the Endpoint URL that has been established by ClassLink for the district.  This is visible in the 95PercentGroup ClassLink administrative portal. 

4. Enter the Client ID for the school district.   This is also visible in the 95PercentGroup ClassLink administrative portal.

5. Enter the Client Secret for 95PercentGroup for the district.  This is established in the district's ClassLink administrative console. 

6. Enable the Nightly Update field when your district is ready to synchronize users on a nightly basis.  This is usually enabled after setting up your master schedule for each new school year.  Once this is enabled, the One95 platform will look for updates from ClassLink on a nightly basis. 

7. Clicking on the Load Now button initiates a manual user data synchronization from ClassLink.  This load can be performed as many times as needed, when the platform is initially being configured.  Users and their roles will be reloaded each time users are loaded.  During the load process, a load progress indicator will display.  Loading may take several minutes for large school districts. 

8.  Once users have been loaded from ClassLink, the right side of the screen will summarize the numbers of each type of users loaded by roles as identified in ClassLink.  You will need to match up your user roles defined on ClassLink with One95 Roles, by selecting the role with appropriate permissions from the drop down.   Roles on the One95 platform are used to enable or disable access to different areas of the system and offer different scopes of student data. This matching process only needs to be performed when the system is initially configured and/or if new roles are added in ClassLink. 

9. A green checkmark will display when Roles are Mapped for each ClassLink role with a corresponding One95 platform role, while a red exclamation mark will show for roles that have not been mapped.  It is not uncommon for educators and students to be made available through ClassLink which are not needed in the On95 platform.  If this is the case, these ClassLink users may remain unmapped and show in the red exclamation mark beyond setup in perpetuity.   For performance and data privacy best practices, it is best to make available the minimal amount of user records in ClassLink needed to access resources in the One95 portal. 

10. Once you're satisfied with the role mapping, click the Save button to save your changes.

CSV Connections


1. CSV files may be loaded as an alternative to automatic synchronization with ClassLink or Clever. Choose the CSV panel selector to access the CSV file load options.   Note that some CSV file loads can be performed in addition to nightly ClassLink or Clever loads in order to override user roles by exception if needed.  

2. There are three format choices for CSV file set loads including One95, Clever, and Role Override.

  • The One95 format file load offers a very simple format for Classes, Schools, Users and Enrollments.  
  • The Clever file format assumes files are formatted in the manner in which is suitable for load from the district SIS into Clever. 
  • The Override format is a single CSV file that includes UserID and Role.   This override process assumes that existing users have been loaded through Clever or ClassLink with default user roles coming from those systems which need to be individually overridden to a different One95 platform role.   An example of this use case might be a user who is a district level guidance counselor who is identified with the Staff role in Clever, but who should be considered with teacher permissions in the One95 platform.   This override method is provided for convenience in situations where the district does not wish to change user roles.

3.  A set of file identifier drop-downs will allow each type of file to be loaded from a local or shared storage location at the district into the One95 platform.   

4. Clicking on the file input area for each file type will open a file browse selector so that you can choose a file to load.  

5. Click on the load button for each file you wish to load and the One95 platform will look for the file you selected and load it into the One95 platform.  

6. Choose the Role Override CSV option to overlay existing user roles with roles supplied in the CSV file.

7.  Click on the file input area to open a file selector window and select the override CSV file to load. 

8. Click on the Load Override button to load your override file.  Once an override file has been loaded the new role is 'sticky' in the sense that it persists through subsequent nightly updates.  An override can be removed by including the user Id in the Overrides CSV with a null role. 

95 Percent Group Support is here to help! Contact us via the knowledge base support form or email at 

To learn more about submitting tickets, reference our article on One95 Support. 

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